Clue #5… (dramatic music here… )

Hi everyone!! I’m so glad I did this mystery… I have had a blast with everyone. Thank you for all your patience and pictures! Here is clue #5.. the final clue. I will be doing another mystery soon. I’ll keep you all updated to what I’m up to and what I am doing in my quilty world.    Clue#5

I’ll add my picture up tomorrow.. I want you all to enjoy the clue.. HUGS!!!


You all are going to laugh…

Well, I have a funny story to tell you all. So we are getting into Clue#5 (which by the way, is the last one! ) I’m doing my thing by taking pictures and sewing as I go. I get the whole top done… I FORGOT to take pictures of the row construction!!! Being the diligent quilter I am.. and not wanting to rip it all out.. I took a whole row out and then another block or so out so that I could … simulate.. the rows going together! Anyway.. I thought it was funny I got in the zone and sewed everything up nice n’ neat.. sigh.. HUGS everyone! I hope you all are havin’ those sewing machines working to get the clues done. We have 2-3 more days til the next clue!’s that time!

Clue #4 All right everyone.. Here’s Clue #4! Enjoy your day!



Here is my clue #4…

Seeing how it’s going…

I’m hoping that machines are sewing and everyone is happy and enjoying the mystery. We are almost done! 🙂 I think 2 more clues and viola! We will have some really snazzy quilt tops runnin’ around waiting to get some pretty quilting on them! How we doing out there. Post and let me know!

Moving right along…

Hi everyone! We have a few pictures for Clue #3. I am really having fun here and it’s great to see all the progress. We will be having some really beautiful quilts!



Ready for CLue #3?


Hellooo everyone! It’s Clue #3 time… here  it is  for everyone to see.  Clue#3

Checking in!

Hi! How’s everyone doing? I’ve gotten a few more pictures in so be sure to check them out! Is everyone ready for #3? Wednesday is coming soon! (actually I’ll do it late Tues night, since we have some overseas people) gives us USA people a heads up and able to go in the morning at a run right? All righty.. off to do some more sewing and.. cleaning.. bleck! Have a great day everyone!




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