Clue #1- Photo Gallery

Here is where everyone’s picture for Clue #1 will be. Enjoy! I’m so excited to see all the wonderful work you all will do!



After the Storm… :)

Faerie Stones Refitted!

Faerie stone spreadsheet


Life teaches us the most crazy things.  One of those lessons is to roll with the punches and pick yourself up off  the floor if you fall.  I have looked these over with my husband as my shadow and have finally found a happy medium. I went totally insane with the entries, and matched it with the fabric list. These are the errors I have found. Thanks again for everyone’s patience and understanding. You all have helped me ‘grow’ as a quilter and as a direction writer!! HUGS!


Growing Pains….

I used EQ to figure out yardage… I even added an extra 1/4 to a 1/2 yard extra! Blake, one of our players, thanks! by the way, found out that we needed about 2 yards instead of the 1 1/2 yards. (I pulled  from mine from my stash and it was a 2 yard piece!) Has anyone else had problems with EQ figuring out yardage? I didn’t even think about checking it out. Just be on the look out. Thank you again, Blake, you are very appreciated!


First few people…

Hello everybody!! Good evening. We have two people who have sent me their Clue #1! They are located in the gallery on my webshots. Here is the link

Mysi’s Clues…

Clue 1


Clue 1 other side

Clue 1a


Gallery of Fabric!

I went through the million of our wonderful chatty posts and picked out the fabric choices of everyone that posted one. If you have one and I missed it just give me a shout and I’ll make you some room! 🙂  I linked it to my webshots album since I didn’t have a gallery option here. Enjoy!


Clue 1- Mysi’s Mystery (REVISED)

Hello again! 🙂 T hanks everyone for helping me make this better directions!! Here is the pieces you have to make for this clue… it has the total amount and how many you will be using. There is a ‘bigger’ version of the chart on yesterday’s entry!  HUGS! Have a great day and I hope everyone is learning too! 🙂



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